When you set up a GrowthLine, we will agree on a facility limit. This limit is driven by the credit review process we conduct while you are applying. As your business grows and borrowing requirements change, we can adjust this limit to make additional capital available to fund this growth. 

Increasing your limit via your Trade Debtors 

By using your Trade Debtors (invoices to your customers) as security, we may be able to increase the available limit on your GrowthLine. We call this “Debtor Backed Borrowing” (DBB). The invoices you issue to approved debtors are assets your business owns, and GrowthLine allows you to use those to increase your borrowing limit. 

Note that this differs from typical invoice finance or factoring you may be familiar with; we do not “buy” the invoices from you, and you will still own them. Instead, we simply use these assets as a form of security, which allows us to increase your limit while the invoices are outstanding.

We can use invoices you issue to Trade Debtors where: 

  • The invoice amounts are in GBP. 
  • The debtor is a UK based business with a turnover of more than £10,000,000.
  • You have a trading history or a signed contract with the debtor. 
  • The invoices are due within 90 days. 

If you would like to increase your limit based on Trade Debtors which do not fit these requirements, please do get in touch with us by calling 0808 123 1231 or emailing contact@growthstreet.co.uk.

Increasing your limit via growth in your business

If you wish to increase your available limit without providing invoices as security, you can request a limit increase via your dashboard. This increase will be subject to a credit review similar to the one we conduct when you apply for a GrowthLine. It will be based on the financial performance of your business as a whole. Once you submit a request to increase your limit in this way, your relationship manager will work with you to submit your request for credit review. This can take up to three working days to process and is subject to approval by our credit team.

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