Our easy to use dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of your GrowthLine. You can draw down cash, make repayments and access information regarding your account activity, including:

  • Your total and available GrowthLine limits 
  • The amount you are currently borrowing
  • Information about interest charges and fees 
  • A record of transactions on your account
  • Downloadable monthly statements

Drawing down available funds

You can request to draw down funds from your available limit directly from your dashboard. Simply click the button to “Request a Loan”, and enter the amount you wish to borrow. Once confirmed, your request will be processed within the same working day if the request is made between 09:00 and 15:30. If you make your request after 15:30, it may not be processed until the next working day. 

How do I make a repayment?

To make a repayment, simply instruct a bank transfer to your unique account with Growth Street. (You can find your unique account number and sort code combination on your dashboard; there is no need for you to use a specific payment reference or otherwise identify payments to us.) Any money received to this account will be applied to your balance as soon as it is received and processed.

Your bank may show the destination bank as ‘PrePay Technologies Limited’. (Because Growth Street does not hold our customers’ money, we work with PrePay Technologies Limited to enable prompt transfers for our customers.)

When arranging a payment, please ensure you instruct your bank to make payments using Faster Payments, BACS, or CHAPS. 

Payments that we receive between 9.30am and 5.30pm will be processed and credited to your account on the same day, excluding Sundays.

Reviewing your account activity

Your dashboard can help you find information about the current state of your account, plus your full activity history. This activity will include your borrowing history, the loans you have entered into each time you borrowed and any repayments you have made. Additionally, you can find a history of service fees you have paid, and download monthly account statements for your records. 

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