We created GrowthLine with one goal in mind: to give business owners the confidence to invest in growth.

When it comes to cash flow, having confidence can be difficult as your business grows. Cash may be tied up in stock, or payments on invoices may become unpredictable. Plus, in the meantime, staff need to be paid and stock or new equipment may need to be purchased. We noticed it was common for most businesses to face these types of challenges and more. This is where we can help.

A GrowthLine may be right for your business if any of the following scenarios sound familiar: 

You experience long or inconsistent payment terms from your customers

Invoices are a common way for businesses to transact with one another, but doing so can tie up much-needed cash, and sometimes your customers may not even pay on the terms you agreed. The availability of cash often dictates how quickly you can grow. GrowthLine is a simple, flexible solution to cover your costs until your invoices are paid, allowing you to spend money on your own terms.

You want to invest in equipment or other fixed assets 

As your business grows, you may need to buy additional equipment or other fixed assets. This may include, computers and office furniture, or more industrial equipment, from forklifts to protective uniforms. With a GrowthLine, you can have access to cash when you need to make these purchases, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

Paying staff on time keeps you up at night

Payroll is an essential cost and a key part to any growing business. Having the ability to grow your workforce on demand can be important for a strong long-term financial plan. Sometimes, you have to hire quickly in response to rapid growth, and if that growth isn’t stable, ensuring everyone is paid on time is difficult to manage. We believe a GrowthLine is a perfect solution for businesses who need a flexible option to fund their growing team. 

You hold significant amounts of stock or materials

In order to satisfy customer demand, some businesses will hold a large amount of stock in reserve. These businesses can often experience a lack of available cash, as most of their assets are tied up in this stock. 

Other types of businesses require significant investment in raw materials, which are turned into goods and products to be re-sold. The up-front cost of materials can again tie up available capital, and make it difficult to confidently invest in growth.

Wholesalers may experience long periods of time where the stock cannot be sold. Seasonality may significantly affect the speed at which customers purchase products. You may be reliant on buying materials to carry out services a long time before receiving payment from clients. In such cases, a GrowthLine can provide access to working capital during periods where cash would otherwise be in short supply.

GrowthLine has helped many business owners unlock the working capital in their business so that they can focus on growth. If you’ve experienced situations similar to the ones we’ve outlined, we would love to hear from you.

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