What information do you need to process an application for a GrowthLine?

We try and make applying for a GrowthLine as simple as possible, but will need some information from you, which we’ve detailed here.

To apply for a GrowthLine we first need to know a little about your business, including the name and number registered at Companies House. With that we can create an account and provide access to your dashboard, where you can provide the remaining information. The fastest way to do this is by connecting your accounting software to our system, allowing us to download the information required to process your application. You can connect most of the popular platforms including Xero, Sage50, Kashflow, FreeAgent and Quickbooks Online. 

A key benefit of GrowthLine is the lack of administration and overhead in both setting up and managing your facility. By integrating directly with your accounting software, you will not need to prepare any reports or take other manual actions, which would distract you from running your business. Simply run your books as normal, and we’ll have the information we need to ensure you maintain full access to your GrowthLine.

We use this connection to download the history of your sales and purchases, management reports, and cash transactions. We’ll only ask you to share this information once we’ve had an initial call, and one of our team will give you clear instructions on how to do so during the application process. Later in the account setup, we will also ask for some documents for verification and compliance. These include a recent company bank statement, your last full set of accounts as filed with Companies House, and information required to verify the identity of directors and shareholders in your business. Our team will clearly explain exactly what we need from you at each stage in the process.

If you do not use accounting software or use one which we cannot connect with, we can review management account information covering at least the prior 15 months, on a monthly or quarterly basis. This includes balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and aged debtors report. Once your account is open and active, we will ask you to share updated information every month or quarter, depending on the size of your GrowthLine. We know doing so can present significant overheads, which is why we always recommend connecting your accounting software.

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