You cannot withdraw funds from your Growth Street ISA in the first 3 months of your investment. From month 4 onwards, you may request to withdraw your funds provided you give us 1 month’s written notice (to be sent via email to Early withdrawals will be subject to a 1% administrative charge of capital invested. We are unable to process partial bond withdrawals, so you will need to withdraw the entire value of one or more bonds that you are invested in. All withdrawal requests will be at our discretion and subject to liquidity.

  1. As an example, if you invest £10,000 in one lump sum, those funds will be issued in one bond. If you want to withdraw £4,000, you will need to redeem the entire bond value (£10,000) and you will be charged £100 as a fee. You can re-invest the remaining £6,000 back to your ISA because the Growth Street ISA is flexible.
  2. If you invest over time, let’s say £2,000 every two weeks, these investments will end up in different bonds. You can then withdraw in £2,000 chunks from individual bonds and you will be charged 1% of the withdrawn bond value. 

Your capital is at risk when you lend to businesses. Find out more here.

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