1. If you’re doing this during your application for a GrowthLine, go to your dashboard and in the “Your bank accounts” section hit the ‘Connect’ button. If you’re an active customer, just head to Account details > Integrations and hit the ‘Connect’ button.

2. Choose your bank from the list of supported accounts. If your bank is not listed, select ‘other’ at the bottom of the list.

3. If you use one of the more widely used banks in the UK, we you can connect your account directly to our system which allows us gather the relevant information quickly and easily. When you click connect, , you will be directed to TrueLayer, an FCA-regulated provider which Growth Street uses to facilitate the connection.(You can read more about TrueLayer’s security here.)

Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to upload your most recent bank statements (for new customers, during the course of applying for a GrowthLine only).

4. Once you click ‘connect’, you’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to grant Growth Street access to your account. This access will be provided in line with TrueLayer’s privacy policy and Growth Street’s privacy policy  If you consent to this access, hit ‘Allow’ on the confirmation page.

5. You’ll then be prompted to sign in with the credentials you normally use to access online banking.

6. You will be directed back to Growth Street, and you’ll now see the names of each account you have connected. You can connect additional accounts by completing the same process, and disconnect any accounts you connected by accident. You should connect the account you would like to receive money from your GrowthLine, as well as every bank account* your business uses to receive payments from customers, make payments to suppliers, pay wages, bills, rent or other business expenses. You should also connect any business savings accounts which you regularly make transfers to and from. If you do not connect some of your accounts, it may delay our ability to move forward with your application or offer you access to your GrowthLine.

*At present, only GBP accounts are supported

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