If you fail the appropriateness test when signing up to Growth Street, then don’t worry, you will simply have to wait seven days before you can try again. Just note that, until you have completed the test successfully, we will be unable to set up your account.

In the instance that you need to retake the test, we’ll email you to let you know when it’s available. Simply click the link in the email and you’ll be able to retake the test. 

Make sure you review the information on the Growth Street website carefully before retaking the test to ensure you complete the test successfully.

To sign in to an existing application, please click the following link: https://signup.growthstreet.co.uk/signin/. If you’ve forgotten your password, or you’re unable to log in, just let us know.

Your capital is at risk when you invest through Growth Street. Our investment products are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Read about our Loan Loss Provision here.

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