Growth Street lets you choose to have your money reinvested automatically, to make it as hassle-free as possible to maximise your return. If you choose this option, any repayments from borrowing businesses (whether it’s the whole loan, a partial repayment or an interest payment) will automatically be put back into the queue to lend for you.   For example, if you have £50,000 being lent and a borrower makes an interest payment of £1,000, this sum of £1,000 will re-enter the queue to lend automatically. Alternatively, you can choose to just reinvest your initial capital, and have interest paid into your holding account, ready for you to withdraw.

At any point, you can turn off automatic reinvestment, and will be able to withdraw all your money as soon as borrowers repay, which should be within 30 days. (Please note that because the minimum lend order is £10, your funds will only be put back into the queue to lend once your holding account balance is £10 or more.)

You can access and edit your reinvestment settings under the Reinvestment tab on the investor dashboard.

Your capital is at risk when you invest through Growth Street. Our investment products are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Read about our Loan Loss Provision here.

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