There is no benefit to splitting a single lend order into multiple, smaller lend orders. Splitting up your lend orders in this way will not affect the risk of your investment, nor will it affect how fast your money will be lent out.

Your risk will always be diversified across every Growth Street borrower, regardless of how many lend orders you place, or businesses you lend to (see a full explanation here). 

Splitting up orders will also have no impact on how fast your money is matched with a borrower. If you are at the front of the queue and a borrower requests a sum of money that is less than your whole lend order, what remains of your lend order will stay at the front of the queue. For example, if you have a £10,000 order and you are at the front of the queue, a borrower requesting £5,000 would match with the first £5,000 of your lend order and you would start earning interest on that £5,000. The remaining £5,000 will stay at the front of the queue, ready to match to the next borrower loan request. If the same borrower requested £25,000, all of your £10,000 would be lent out, as well as the next £15,000 waiting in the queue.

Your capital is at risk when you invest through Growth Street. Our investment products are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Read about our Loan Loss Provision here.

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